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It's that time of year where we celebrate some of the stranger traditions of the Holiday season! The 2016 Holiday collection includes a NEW Krampus design, the debut of Jólakötturinn the Yule Cat and the return of 2015's Yule Goat Fez. All three designs are now available made-to-order through December 12th 2016. The Krampus Fez ~ 4th Edition Way back in 2009 we introduced our very first holiday design the Krampus Fez. Then in 2012 we updated the design with the 2nd Edition, and again in 2014 for the 3rd edition establishing our bi-annual redesign schedule. Each of these editions leaned towards a...

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It's that time of year where we are forced to plan ahead so you can celebrate the impending holidays with your choice of head-ware! NEW Seasonal design for 2015 The Yule Goat Fez The Northern European tradition finds its way to this festive fez, the perfect thing to wear the next time you go wassailing! This Made-to-Order Hunter Green fez features the spirit of Yuletide preparations and is available for a limited time! This design is made-to-order through December 12th. The first batch will begin production on November 13th and continue week to week. Order by Dec 12th NEW for...

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The Holidays are looming and new designs are on the way! My goal is to introduce something new every week through the end of the year, and it's time to kick off our year-end flurry of seasonal designs and limited editions with the return of the great horned guy himself. Not only is the 3rd Edition Krampus Fez back for a second round, but we're also introducing a special chapeau to go with it. The Krampus Returns! Our popular holiday design returns for another round. We've opened up pre-orders for the 3rd Edition Krampus Fez that premiered in 2015. This...

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