Sons of the Desert Fezzes

Sons of the Desert Fezzes

The next Sons of the Desert Fez of the Week release will be in January 2025 for Oliver Hardy's birthday. Look for the announcement mid month.

After a decade of making the Sons of the Desert fez we have finally retired it from regular production.

Sons of the Desert FezI know this may come as a shock to many Laurel and Hardy fans out there but as a small artist-run company with only two full-time fez makers that also do all of the design and show planning, we simply need to make more time for other creative endeavors. A decade of making the same design throughout the year can get tedious. If I didn't have to sew every fez that goes out the door, we might be able to keep these in production, but for now this will become a seasonal design.

Since we originally created this fez at the request of members of the Sons of the Desert organization, we will continue to offer them as a group order option to the Tents year round. Simply drop us an email to get more info. By making this change we will be able to work with the tents to offer better customization options and save them some money on shipping.

For those that want to wear the fez but don't want to join a tent or can't participate in a group order, we will be offering the design as an semi-annual limited-run featured Fez of the Week, like we do with our Marx Brothers inspired Freedonian Fez that is available every year at the end of December.

Look for the Desert Fez to be available as a Fez of the Week in mid-June for Stan Laurel's birthday and mid-January for Oliver Hardy's birthday.

Fez of the Week designs are available for a single week and are made to order. Be sure you know what your correct fez size is before placing your order as returns and exchanges will be limited. Once the Fez of the Week production is done we will be putting away the design until the next release.

If you want to be notified when the next time the Sons of the Desert fez is available for open orders, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter below.

If your Tent is interested in placing a group order feel free to contact us anytime.

Custom designs have a minimum order of 13 fezzes but if you just want the standard SOTD fez the minimum for private orders is only 6 fezzes.

Our Sons of the Desert fez, officially approved by the Sons of the Desert organization!

The design is Jason's artistic look at bringing the 1933 design into the 1940's... and beyond. So, grab your fez and sash, watch out for any wallets on the floor, and enjoy the show!
"... And no one has ever broken this Oath!" These words ring out as Stan and Ollie finish their meeting at the Oasis of the Sons of the Desert - an oath that soon leads the duo to hi-jinks and mischief. The Laurel and Hardy 1933 feature film Sons of the Desert is still funny today and rings its truthful message to us all - if you see the news that you were supposed to be on a sinking ship - read the rest of the article!!!
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