Potential Medical Delays in 2022-23 Updated

[Update 9/29/23]

After months of chemo and more surgeries that we want to count, Maya is nearing the end of her cancer ordeal. She is heading in for what should be her final surgery October 2nd. I will do my best to take care of her and keep the ball rolling on orders and shipping during her recovery. This one shouldn't be as intensive as the previous surgeries so you may not even notice a delay.

As always we thank you for your understanding and support.



There is a good chance that we will be experiencing intermittent production delays in 2022 due to serious medical issues.

In October 2021 Maya was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her first surgery takes place January 13th, followed by months of chemo, then finally extensive reconstruction surgery in late Summer 2022.

Currently Maya and I make all of the fezzes in our home studio and for the next 6 months my main focus will be on Maya and her recovery. We will still be able to continue to design and make fezzes, but it won't likely be at the same pace we have maintained over the last few years.

Please understand that we will continue to produce ordered fezzes as quickly as we can but it may take a bit longer than we would like.

Thank you for understanding


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