New December Releases

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New December Releases

As we near the end of 2016 our attention turns to 2017 and the many shows already on our schedule. Things are kicking off earlier than we originally planned, so we've decided to get a jump-start and get to work on a few of the production designs we'll be bringing to the 2017 shows. Instead of making everyone wait until February, we're opening up orders just in time for last-minute gift shopping before the Holiday break.

Get your orders in by Dec 13th for the best chance of delivery by the 25th. We're already in production on these and back-orders will get bumped to the front of the line.

The Cthulhu Fez

The great Elder God returns on this imposing new fez! Our new Cthulhu design debuted earlier this Summer in a short run of Limited Edition fezzes but now the big guy is back on classic black velvet in his classic green style. This is our fifth take on old squid-face since our first Cthulhu design was released way back in 2010 and he continues to be one of our most popular themes. It's the perfect gift for the horror fans, tabletop gamers, or literati in your life. We already have a small batch done and ready to ship and we’ll keep stocking them as we begin the 2017 Con Season. Look for them at our upcoming shows this Winter and Spring.

Available Now!

The Mystic Eye Low-Profile Fez

Our mysterious eye design re-materializes on a low-profile fez for 2017! We're phasing out the tall Mystic Eye Fez that has been a top-seller at our shows since 2015 and will be bringing this oft-requested low-profile fez in its place. Previously only available as a special Fez of the Week, the Low-profile Mystic Eye will be making the show rounds for our upcoming convention season. Instead of making everyone wait for the first show of the year, we’re going to open up pre-orders while we start production. Back-orders will get bumped to the front of the line so there is no need to wait for the website to get stocked up.

In Production Now!

Last Call for Mini Fezzes!

Stick them on your favorite tiki mug or animal companion. Wear them with bobby pins or use the attached chin-strap for all of your mini-fez adventures! Over the last two years we've been making limited edition runs of half-scale fezzes for our shows. Sadly the time has come to say goodbye as we have run out of the discontinued materials we used to make them. Now that we are at the end of the year, we have made a final batch of minis for the website. Get them while you can as numbers are very limited and once they are gone there won't be any more for the foreseeable future. This is the final batch of Fezinators we will be able to make until we manage to develop a new way to produce them.