Monsterpalooza Preview

Monsterpalooza Preview

We're all packed up and ready to roll up to Pasadena and we've spent the last month working up new stuff and special variants of past designs to bring with us.

First let's cover the new color variants of past designs:

The Calamorte was my favorite design from 2023 created for our friends at Devil's Reef and I wanted to do a special recolor for this show. Now this ghostly death squid comes in pale violet thread on inky black velvet.

Since it is the Year of the Dragon, I wanted to bring a dragon design along and the Ouroborus was long overdue for a recolor, it's now available in a coppery combination on blue velvet in both a Low Profile Fez and our Fez-o-Chapeau style.

The special limited edition Cthulhu MPL

Only 50 fezzes will be made in this special numbered edition. I wanted to have something special for our return to Monsterpalooza, something that might get people to stop and look at the booth. I figured one last Cthulhu run might do the trick.

We've made 25 to take to the show and the other 25 will be available online starting with our Patreon members and then available to the public after June 2nd.

Then things get weird...

This one started as a concept that was somewhere between the shapeshifting Shoggoths of Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness and the biblical description of angels. Plus Flying Shoggoth is just fun to say.

I just couldn't get this last one out of my mind

Finally we have the Mind Lurker. This design has been in my sketchbook since 2016. I was exploring the off-putting combination of cartoony and unnerving that is often found in schlocky 1950's horror movies.

This one also had the technical challenge of creating what looks like a fade into transparency with the visible brain. It looks far better in real life than it does in the photo.



All of these aside from the Cthulhu MPL will be available online for preorder May 31. The limited edition Cthulhu is currently open to our Patreon members and will be released to the online public after we return from Monsterpalooza and have a chance to count the remaining fezzes.

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