Mini Fez Prototypes

Mini Fez Prototypes

If you had the chance to visit the Fez-o-booth at one of our many shows this year you may have noticed our latest experiment: The Mini Fez. mini-fezzes

Last spring I received the challenge of creating fezzes for a pair of rather notorious puppet robots and while I may have resisted making fezzes for dogs in the past, I couldn't resist making a fez for a puppet. After successfully creating a half-scale fez, I wondered if any of my other designs could survive the drastic reduction in size. So we brought the first few to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and they quickly sold out. These were made just like their full-size counterparts with quilted linings, labels, hat bands and the full-size tassel and grommet to add to the comic effect.

These make great tiki mug toppers and can be worn with a few bobby pins or you can stitch a piece of elastic to the fez to make a chin strap. So the next step was to see if production could scale and look for ways to improve the design. Well, it turns out that batch-sewing fezzes this small is a serious pain and was met with much profanity in the studio, so I finished up all of the mini fezzes that were started and put them on the website. We only have a few of each style and they won't be around very long. So get them while you can.

At some point in the future I may go back to the drawing table and try some adjustments to see if this idea can work, but I can't promise anything.

Get them while they last.

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