Holiday Shipping Surcharge

UPS has decided to celebrate the holidays in a very capitalist way by implementing a special "Peak Fee" to be applied to all orders placed during two Holiday shopping periods.

The first one starts November 18th and runs through December 1st covering Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buyer's Remorse Wednesday, Retail Therapy Thursday, and whatever catchy name applies to that Saturday.

The second "Peak Fee" period is from December 16th through the 22nd to cover all of the desperate last-minute shopping.

The good news is that we haven't received a notice from USPS about doing the same, so if you are only ordering a single fez and you don't mind it getting folded, USPS prices should remain the same during these times.

The take-away here is you can save a bit on shipping if you order between December 2nd through 15th but you risk shipping delays adding stress to the season.

Read the lengthy UPS Peak Fee Schedule here

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