Gen Con 2015 Preview

Gen Con 2015 Preview

Phase Two of our 2015 Con Season kicks off with our biggest show of the year: Gen Con 2015. 

This will be our third year participating in Gen Con and from our very first, this has been one of those shows we can't wait for. The crowds are huge but more importantly, they are some of the nicest and most supportive people we meet at cons. They come from all over the globe and cover all aspects of creative interests, because of this we strive to bring them something new and unusual every year. GenCon2015map This year we have a number of old favorites, new variations and a batch of brand new styles to début. You will be able to find all of this along with a selection of our new Basket Cases, Tassel Pins, and other fez accessories in the Fez-o-rama booth #140. Here is a handy map to our booth.

Let's kick the preview off with the our most recent design.

Introducing the 10th Anniversary Tsuro™ Fez!

This last-minute addition to our batch of new styles celebrates the award-winning (and Fez-o-rama favorite) tile-based board game from Calliope Games! This unique fez features an embroidery based on the Tsuro: The Game of the Path box art. We'll have a limited supply of this special tall fez in Booth 140 just a few steps away from the Calliope Games booth, so don't miss your chance to get one in person. If you aren't fortunate enough to be attending Gen Con, keep an eye on our website. We plan to offer this special fez for a limited time after the show.

 The D20 Fez ~ Original Gamer Edition

Gen Con is predominately a gaming show so we're back with another limited edition gaming fez! This special design is based on a 2,000 year old serpentine d20 dating back to Egypt's Ptolemaic period. The die features what appear to be Greek symbols and it is currently housed at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now you can go really old school with this classy fez and show the rest of the youngsters at the table how it was done eons ago. Only 42 of this Limited Edition fez will be made and they go on sale at the Fez-o-rama booth Thursday July 30th.

The Zombie Hunter Fez

Next up is a design first requested by one of our Gen Con friends back in 2013. It took me a little time to get around to it and I considered holding off until October but I just couldn't keep it under wraps any longer. This gruesome low-profile fez features a decapitated zombie head with an exposed brain in front of a pair of blood drenched crossed machetes. This new style will début at Gen Con but we will be keeping it in production so look for it to be added to our website in August.

It's the perfect fez to wear while playing your favorite survival-horror game... oh, did I mention it glows?

Next up we have a few new variants on recent styles:

The Phoenix Fez

Raising from the ashes is this new production version of our recent limited edition tall Phoenix Fez was introduced (and sold out) at the Phoenix Comic Con earlier this year. This low-profile ruby-red fez features our original vibrant phoenix design scaled down to fit on our shorter fez style. Look for this production style to show up on our website in August and we will be planning to bring this to our other appearances throughout the rest of the year. It's the perfect fez for those that never say die! ...or at least don't stay dead for very long.

The Scarab Chapeau

Here is another style cross-over. We've brought our recent Scarab Fez design over to our uni-sex chapeau style. We first introduced the Scarab Fez at our first show of the year and we quickly received requests to make a chapeau version. This colorful chapeau features my take on a flying scarab with outstretched wings and a filigree carapace. Look for this to be available online next month and like the Scarab Fez, we will be bringing this new version to our future shows.

The D20 Fez ~ Blue Edition

By popular demand we've brought our "Critical Hit" fez back for another roll. Previously done on black and red, this time the mighty icosahedron of chance appears on a royal blue velvet. This is another limited edition so if you can't make it to the booth at Gen Con, look for the update in early August. If we have any left, we'll be posting them to the website. We'll also be bringing what remains of our d12 designs from last year as well as the new Cthulhu Cthorps designs, the new Calavera 2.0, the Mystic Eye, and others. So look for us in booth 140, right next to the Capitol Ave. entrance and get yourself fitted for a new fez!

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