Fez-o-rama's 2021 Show Schedule

Fez-o-rama's 2021 Show Schedule

Due to serious medical issues we have to cancel our upcoming shows.

We unfortunately need to change our plans for the upcoming months. Due to serious medical issues we will not be able to attend Emerald City Comic Con this year as we had planned in December. We also had to skip Tiki Caliente this month.

This will also impact our planned shows thru Spring 2022 as Maya deals with her recent cancer diagnosis and gets through her treatments and future surgeries.

We apologize for this sudden change of plans. Hopefully we will be able to return to doing some public events in Summer 2022, but we are obviously far more concerned about Maya's health and recovery at this time.

Thank you all for your support and understanding in this but for us, the lockdown will have to continue a bit longer.


~ October ~

Tiki Caliente - October 14 - 17

 Tiki Caliente
Then we're back at Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs for this Sold-Out event at the same venue that we did our very first show at over 16 years ago!
We're long overdue for a relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. Live music, tiki artists, chilling by the pool, it is a lot of work but we have a good time and look forward to seeing all of the "Vaxxed and Relaxed" people.

~ December ~

Emerald City Comic Con -  December 2 - 5 

This December we head up to our home away from home: Seattle Washington for Emerald City Comic Con. This is always a special show for us as we get to visit family and friends in Washington, spend time in one of our favorite cities, and be part of one of the greatest comic cons around.
This is the show we were packing for when the world suddenly stopped and it will be good to get back up there to remind ourselves that we will get through this.
That's what we have on our schedule for this year but plans are already being made for 2022. We are also hoping to participate in a TikiLand Trading Co. show in December if the dates work out.
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