Fez-o-rama's 2020 Show Schedule

Fez-o-rama's 2020 Show Schedule

For obvious reasons our 2020 schedule is in flux. I will update this page with any changes to our planned events as soon as we get notice. Stay safe and healthy out there.

The 2020 Con Season is looming large on our calendars. We have almost the entire year shows booked aside from one or two local events. There are a number of changes this year, mostly due to schedule conflicts, so you may not see some of our regular events on the list for 2020 but we hope to get them back in for 2021.

~ March ~

Emerald City Comic Con -  March 12 - 15 ~POSTPONED~

Due to Covid-19 concerns ECCC has been postponed until late August.
This is our first show of the year and our only comic con still on our schedule. We still enjoy this show and love spending time in the Pacific North West. We are working on planning some special stuff to kick off the year so keep an eye out for those announcements.

Clockwork Alchemy 2020 - March 20 - 22 ~CANCELLED~

 Clockwork Alchemy 2020
Clockwork Alchemy has been cancelled for 2020. We look forward to its return in 2021.
This will be our first time attending this event and it immediately follows ECCC so we will drive straight down from Seattle for it. I am working on some new steampunk designs and possibly bringing some previous ones back into production.

~ April ~

We have no shows booked for April as our main one was moved to:

~ May ~

Monsterpalooza - May 8 - 10 ~CANCELLED~

Monsterpalooza has been cancelled for 2020. We look forward to our return to Pasadena in 2021.
This one is normally in April but got bumped to May due to venue conflicts. It is a show we really enjoy because of the amazing level of creativity on display.

Tiki Caliente - May 14 - 17 ~POSTPONED~

 Tiki Caliente
Tiki Caliente has been postponed to October.
We're back for another relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. Live music, tiki artists, chilling by the pool, it is a lot of work but we have a good time and love seeing all of the people.

KublaCon May 21 - 25 ~CANCELLED~

 Kubla Con
KublaCon has been cancelled for 2020 but we plan to be part of 2021.
This is our first time at the West Coast's biggest table top gaming convention. We have had a number of friends that have been attending this event over the years and we're looking forward to discovering it for ourselves.

~ June ~

As usual we're taking June off from shows to recover and prepare for the final run of the season.
We have no events currently scheduled for June.

~ July ~

Gen Con -  July 30 – August 2

 Gen Con
We'll be on the road for the last week of July to get to Indiana as well as the first week of August for the return. This is a huge show and the biggest event we do. We are working on some special stuff for this year's show. Look for more on that in early Summer.

Emerald City Comic Con Redux -  August 21 - 15

These are the rescheduled dates for ECCC 2020.
We hope to see all of our friends in Seattle safe and healthy at the end of the Summer for this postponed event.

~ September ~

No current plans for the month of September.

~ October ~

Tiki Caliente - October 1- 4

 Tiki Caliente
Tiki Caliente has been postponed from its original dates in May.
We're back for another relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. Live music, tiki artists, chilling by the pool, it is a lot of work but we have a good time and love seeing all of the people.
Unfortunately that creates a schedule conflict with the other show we had hoped to do in October.

Gaslight Steampunk Expo - October 1 - 4 CONFLICT

 Gaslight Steampunk Expo
Unfortunately we won't be available for the currently scheduled weekend due to Tiki Caliente's postponement.
Since we only had a save the date notice for Gaslight, and had already paid for Tiki Caliente, we are going to plan for Tiki Caliente. If anything changes about this situation we will let you know.
We are also looking at possibly participating in the TikiLand Trading Co. shows in July and October when they become available. If we manage to squeeze them into the schedule, I will add them here as well.
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