Fez-o-rama's 2019 Show Schedule: Phase Two

Fez-o-rama's 2019 Show Schedule: Phase Two

Phase Two

*UPDATED* 8/20/19

June finds us taking a short break from cons as we regroup and work on new designs. The Feztress Maya will have her third solo gallery show at Hellada Art Center, the Fezmonger will be marking the one year anniversary of launching his Patreon page, and with any hope there will be time to get some rest. We'll need it for phase two.

Tiki Island Expo June 29 Santa Ana CA

After our short break in June we ease back into the Con Life with a quick one-day show in our own back yard. This small show is in support of the Charles Phoenix + Jason Lee & The Black Tides Orchestra show at the Yost Theater across the street. Join us during the day for some fun tiki shopping, and then join us for an amazing night of entertainment.

Tiki Kon July 5-7 Portland OR
Tiki Kon

Once more to the North! We're right back on the road to the PNW for another great show. We're really excited about this one, it's in a new hotel, we'll be set up in the lobby and vending throughout the entire weekend, plus we're sponsoring the opening night party on Thursday. On top of that, we're bringing the Fez-o-moiselle Ruth with us to help in the booth. It's going to be an eventful weekend.

Gen Con August 1-4 Indianapolis IN
Gen Con

This is the biggest thing we do all year! Not only is it four massive days of a huge show, we drive there from California, and we have some special plans around the show in the works. We'll be stopping in Denver to see Lyrics Born at the Levitt Pavilion on July 27th, taking a whirl on the Kit Carson County Carousel as we drive through Colorado, and finally visiting The Inferno Room that we checked out while it was being built and possibly planning something special for the visit. THEN the actual con begins! Needless to say, we will be exhausted by the time we drive back home the following week.

Silicon Valley Comic Con August 16-18 San Jose CA

Soon after we return to California we're headed North to San Jose for our third visit to Silicon Valley Comic Con. This is the first year that they scheduled the show for the Summer so it shouldn't be nearly as wet as last year. This is a fun show for us as we get to hang out with our Bay Area friends and we'll be in the our same lobby location as the last two years.

Son of Monsterpalooza September 13-15 Burbank CA

We return to Burbank California for our 2nd Son of Monsterpalooza. Like the April show this is another horror themed event filled with amazing artists and lots of really cool stuff, and it's a great way to get into that Halloween spirit.

Gaslight Steampunk Expo September 26-29 San Diego CA

We wrap up our currently scheduled con season with a return to San Diego for the Gaslight Steampunk Expo. We had so much fun at this intimate show last year that we committed to returning on the spot. This year we will be better prepared with a few theme specific designs and accessories.

Tikiland Trading Co. December 1st Santa Ana CA
Tikiland Trading Co.

After many schedule conflicts, we are finally able to participate in the Tikiland Trading Company event in December this year. This is a one-day outdoor pop-up event and we're really excited to take part. Hopefully we will be able to make this a more regular part of our calendar in 2020.

This should be just about all of our scheduled shows for 2019. We've already started booking our shows for 2020 and will continue to confirm more as our schedule becomes clearer. Of the ten shows we booked in 2019 three are already booked for next year, two have been cut for 2020, and the rest are holding for date confirmations to avoid conflicts. We're also planning to try out a few new shows (for us) in the coming con season.

Look for the schedule announcement in January. 

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