Fez-o-rama's 2019 Show Schedule

Fez-o-rama's 2019 Show Schedule

Try as we might, we can no longer ignore the fact that it is now 2019. That means it is time we face reality and start looking at the shows in the year ahead.

There will be some big changes to our show schedule from years past. We may finally get our line-up down to 10 or less events after years of failed attempts to cut back. Currently we have locked in 6 shows with another 3 returning shows waiting for registration to happen.

We have dropped 3 big shows from our past for various reasons and a number of first-time ones that just weren't a good fit.

Take a gander below to see where we are headed!

Emerald City Comic Con March 14 - 17 Seattle WA
Emerald City Comic Con

Once again we kick off the year by heading North up the coast to Seattle for our longest running show. ECCC has continued to be one of our favorite trips of the year. A great city, fantastic show, lots of friends, and we love the drive. This is one of the very few comic based events that remain on our schedule.

 Monsterpalooza April 12 - 14 Pasadena CA

We return to Pasadena California for Monsterpalooza this April! We had such a great time at Monsterpalooza last year and we can't wait to return. The level of talent and enthusiasm is amazing. It will definitely be a highlight of 2019.

Crypticon May 3 - 5 Seattle Washington

We're back on the road up the coast to return to Seattle for a very different event. This is our first time at Crypticon but we know a number of artists that take part in this show and we're always looking for excuses to visit the Pacific North West.

Tiki Caliente May 16 - 19 Palm Springs CA

Tiki Caliente

After a few years of schedule conflicts, we make our return to palm Springs for this fantastic tiki weekender. Live music, great artists, and that wonderful tiki vibe make this a great experience.

This wraps up Phase One of our 2019 schedule as we tend to have a break in June. July starts Phase Two with a number of shows we are still in the process of booking.

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