Fez-o-rama's 2018 Con Schedule

Fez-o-rama's 2018 Con Schedule

[UPDATED 8-28-18]

We're six days into February and it's time to just accept that it is 2018 and we're only a few weeks away from the first show of the season. I've already updated the wall calendar and now it is time to put it online and make it real. We still have a couple shows that are up in the air but most of our regular season is locked down. Once again we have failed to prevent scheduling back-to-back shows despite my promising to "never do that again" years ago.

This is what we have booked so far.

Emerald City Comic Con March 1 – 4, 2018 ~ Seattle WA

Emerald City Comic ConWe're starting our year the way we like it, on the road to Seattle! ECCC is one of our favorite shows and not just because we love being in Seattle seeing our family and friends. It is a great show with a really creative vibe. We'll be back in our usual booth space and since it is our first show of the year, we will be launching a number of new designs and possibly another collaboration with our friend Valentine Barker.

WonderCon March 23-25, 2018, Anaheim CA.

WonderCon 2018We're back from the road with just enough time to recover and stock up for our next show in Anaheim CA. This year we'll be next to the Artist Alley tables where I prefer to be. I love seeing the new stuff from other creators and at some past years I barely get to see the artist tables at all.

Silicon Valley Comic Con April 6-8, 2018, San Jose CA.

We're returning to San Jose for our 2nd appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con. We had such a good time being set up in the lobby last year that we requested to be put there again. There is something special about being able to see sunlight when you are at a con all day long. 

Monsterpalooza  April 13-15, 2018, San Jose CA.

Our good friend Troy took us to Monsterpalooza for my birthday last year and I loved the vibe of the show and the crowd so much we just had to bring the booth this year. This is a more intimate show and we'll only have room for our mini booth, but I have some really cool stuff planned!

Lvl Up Expo May 4-6, 2018, Las Vegas NV.

Lvl Up Expo
A late addition to our 2018 line-up, we are excited to be able to squeeze in a show in Nevada. This will be our first appearance at Lvl Up Expo and we'll be in a slightly smaller than normal space, but we are looking forward to hanging out with out Vegas friends!

Comic Con Revolution May 19-20, 2018, Ontario CA.

It's another show where we get to sleep in our own beds! ...if we don't mind getting up really early in the morning.

This is a newer show that was only a single day in 2017, but the word is good and we don't have to book a hotel room!

This is also the first time we're doing a show in the San Bernardino County. We figured it was time we drove inland as opposed to asking all of our friends to drive out to the beach to see us. So if you have been wanting see us at a So-Cal show but didn't want to fight the traffic and crowds in Anaheim, now is your chance!

Phoenix Comic Fest May 24-27, 2018, Phoenix AZ

And the very next weekend we're back on the road to Arizona for Phoenix Comic Fest and four days of con mayhem. I can't lie. This place has some of the best food of any of the road shows we do. I start drooling just thinking about it. This is our third show in the month of May so I can't speak to our state of mind, but the fezzes will be there and we are looking forward to seeing all of our AZ Fez Heads and hanging out with all of the fantastic artists at the show.

Tiki Kon July 13-15, 2017, Portland OR

Tiki KonAfter a bit of a break we start Phase Two of the Con Season with a quick jaunt up the coast to Portland for Tiki Kon. This is the only Tiki event that fits into our schedule this year, so you can expect a lot of new stuff and limited edition designs to debut there. We'll be set up for vending all day and into the night on Saturday the 14th... assuming we survive Friday the Thirteenth!

Gen Con August 2-5, 2018, Indianapolis IN

Gen Con 2018

This most epic four days of gaming is also our most epic road-show of the year. Not only is it the biggest show we do but it is also our biggest drive of the year. Once again we'll be pointing the Fez Rig towards the sunrise and driving for days. Last year's show was amazing and we can't wait to do it all again.

Dragon*Con Aug 30 – Sep 3, 2018, Atlanta, GA.

Last year we managed to avoid flying to a show entirely.

This year we came damn close, but we will once again be cramming ourselves into an aluminum tube and hurtling through the sky towards Atlanta for five days of... FIVE DAYS?!? No wonder we're exhausted after Atlanta.

This is why you should never ask an independent artist what they're doing for "the holiday weekend". We're working. We're always working.

I guess that's why they call it Labor Day.

Son of Monsterpalooza  Sep 14 - 16, 2018, Burbank, CA.

Son of Monsterpalooza A last-minute addition to our schedule. We had such a great time at Monsterpalooza back in April, we just had to try out it's sister event. You will be able to find us in Booth no. 247 

Sure, it's right after we return from Atlanta, and we're already pretty worn out from the Summer run of shows, but we'll rest in the Winter.


Gaslight Steampunk Expo Oct 5 – 7, 2018, San Diego, CA.


We're headed off to Vulcania in search of adventure and the elusive Captain Nemo!

This is our first time participating in the Gaslight Expo but how could we resist? They're meeting us halfway with this year's Tiki-punk theme. Plus we already know a few of the other artist that will be there and they have been suggesting we check it out.

We'll be in the vendor hall Friday - Sunday in booth no.49

See you in San Diego!

DesignerCon Nov 16 – 18, 2018, Anaheim, CA.

DesignerConAfter many years, and a venue change, we make our return to DesignerCon!

This is a show filled with amazing artists and we are honored to be on the floor with them.

This is likely our last show of 2018, as we will be deep in the holiday rush at this point, but we will keep you posted if anything gets added to our already full schedule.

Unfortunately one of our past favorites, Tiki Caliente, fell to that old bastard Schedule Conflict. The tiki shows don't book their weekends as early as the comic cons do and by the time we found out what this year's dates were we were already locked in.

I will update this post as things get added so check back throughout the year.

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