Fez-o-rama's 2017 Con Schedule

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Fez-o-rama's 2017 Con Schedule

UPDATED 4-13-17 ~ ID10T Fest added

We're deep into planning our year ahead and it is time give you a preview of what is on our schedule. This will be a live document and I will be making regular updates as we solidify shows, but the big ones are already confirmed so if you want to see us in person take a look at what we have in store. If you were taking bets on when I would be breaking past resolutions with our 2017 schedule, the answer is: right away.

The Las Vegas Open Feb 3-5th, 2017 ~ Bally's Casino

A few years ago I decided that we weren't going to do any shows in January or February. It's just too early in the year and too cold in much of the country. We're breaking this rule with our first new show of the year for two obvious reasons: it is a tabletop gaming show and well, Vegas! This will be 3 long days of gaming in the land of booze and no clocks, so this will be a bit of trial by fire as we get back in the swing of cons. Since this is our first time at this show, we will be bringing a range of designs as well as a few special surprises.

Emerald City Comic Con March 2 – 5, 2017 ~ Seattle WA

Emerald City ComiconWe're back at the Washington State Convention Center for another ECCC. This year the show is earlier than in the past but Seattle remains one of our favorite places to be regardless of the weather. We're even planning to drive the new Fez Wagon to the show so we can bring the full booth and a huge range of designs. One of the best things about this show is how many friends we have that will be there. This is one of the best collection of creatives in the con scene. We should be in the same area we were for the last few years and we are bringing some special exclusives to the show including a special collaboration with our friend and illustrator Valentine Barker. Look for further announcements in February. This is a huge show in a great city with great people and we can't wait to make the trip up the coast.

WonderCon March 31–April 2, 2017, Anaheim CA.

After a short trip to Los Angeles, WonderCon returns to the Anaheim Convention Center for 2017. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the new parking structure that is under construction will be done in time for the show, so parking will be pretty much the same as it was in the past. This is the only So Cal show we currently have on the schedule so we're looking forward to seeing all of our local friends on the con floor.

Silicon Valley Comic Con April 21-23, 2017, San Jose CA.

A late addition to our 2017 schedule but at least we can drive to it! This is only the 2nd year for SVCC but it is already looking like an impressive show. We'll be right up front in the lobby at PS5 with the miniature version of the Fez-o-booth and a focused selection of our most popular designs.

Phoenix Comicon May 25-28, 2017, Phoenix AZ

We're back for another road trip to the arid state of Arizona! This was one of our first shows when we were starting out on the con scene and we're thrilled to be heading back for another year. This year finds the show returning to its traditional Memorial Day weekend slot.

ID10T Fest  June 24 - 25, 2017, Mountain View CA

What?!? We're heading back to the Silicon Valley? For a two-day music and nerd fest? Sure, why not... June wasn't looking stressful enough so we've fixed that. Seriously, this show came up and was booked in an hour. It hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Tiki Kon June 30 - July 2, 2017, Portland OR

We're heading back up the coast to Portland for our first Tiki Kon! I've been wanting to do this show for a few years and after the schedule shakeup and all of the conflicts this year, I was really worried we wouldn't even have a tiki event to go to. I've heard great things about this show and a bunch of our friends have been going for some time. It will be the perfect show to kick off our Summer run.

Gen Con 50 August 17-20, 2017, Indianapolis IN

This is our biggest show of the year and it is hitting a massive milestone as the longest running gaming convention. Even though the con isn't until late Summer, we're already working on plans to mark the occasion with special designs. Word is the show will be bigger than ever and we're looking forward to it being the highlight of our year once again. Who knows, maybe this year I will manage to get out of our booth and actually see some games.

Dragon*Con Sep 1– 4, 2017, Atlanta, GA

We finally added Dragon*Con to our schedule in 2016 and we're excited to return for 2017 now that we know what we're in for. This show is unlike any of the other cons we do and really has its own thing going on. Sure the exhibitor floor is in the mart but the con is really all of downtown Atlanta. This year my goal is to actually attend something after the floor closes, assuming I have any energy left over.

More in store

You may notice a few of our regular shows missing from this list. There was a lot of shuffling of weekends this year and unfortunately that means a couple of our past events got squeezed out by conflicts. Currently we have no Tiki events on our calendar as we are unable to fit Tiki Caliente's new weekend into our plans. We are looking at the possibility of adding Tiki Kon in July and will update the schedule if that happens. See above! We're also still looking to add a Northern California show so we can see our friends in the Bay Area. Hopefully we will have info on that soon. (not looking good We got in!) Currently we only have two shows that require flying this year which is nice because I would rather drive to a show. We're driving instead! We have a new vehicle and I am looking forward to taking advantage of the additional cargo space. Work has already begun on some booth upgrades for this year.