Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con

We're kicking off the 2015 Con Season with a road trip to Seattle!


Our first show of the year is also one of our absolute favorites. This will be our 3rd time at Emerald City Comic Con and we're going all out for this one. This will be our first time driving instead of flying so we're bringing a lot more stuff this time around.

Now, as usual that means that most of our fez stock is packed up and heading to the show so if you are shopping on our website this weekend please realize that we may not be able to ship your order until we get back in the studio. We will pull any fezzes that sell online and set them aside but it is entirely possible that we might sell out of a size or style at the show before we get notice of any online sales. We will do our best to get all orders out in a timely manner.

scarabIf you are attending the show, this is a great time to pick up a new fez and avoid any shipping costs. We will be bringing a lot of designs that weren't at the previous shows and there are even a few surprise debuts planned that will likely sell out before the end of the weekend.

There are a lot of great artists and creators at ECCC so to help you find us, as well as a number of our good friends, here is a handy map of the show floor.ECCC-2015 final

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