A NEW Fez-o-rama.com is on the way!

A NEW Fez-o-rama.com is on the way!

After much hemming and hawing we have decided to bite the bullet and rebuild the website! This past year has presented a number of challenges with our current e-commerce system and web host and it is time we moved to something a bit more stable and manageable so here comes Fez-o-rama.com 3.0!

Three years ago when we launched Fez-o-rama.com 2.0 there were a few good options for building an online store but they weren't very mature and didn't offer the sort of features we needed for our fez options, like tassel colors or the addition of vents. We decided to go the Open-source route and do a lot of code tweaking. Unfortunately over time not all of our add-ons have matured at the same rate and that tended to create stability issues and problems for our customers. Now three years later those same e-commerce solutions that we checked out have grown into industry leaders with a robust body of programmers and we feel it is a good time to make the big change, while we can still stomach the idea of starting over.

This won't be a seamless transition but we're going to do the best we can. Since this is a new service with new databases, past customers will likely have to create new accounts. There just isn't a good way to transfer old accounts with any of the useful information intact. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I would rather force people to create a new account than risk trusting your information with some outside party offering data migration. We'll still have access to our old databases, so if you have any questions about past orders just ask.

So look for more updates in the near future. We're hoping to make the jump by early August.

 Wish us luck!

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