2024 Fez Madness Tourney Champion - The Mort Head

2024 Fez Madness Tourney Champion - The Mort Head

After weeks of gruelling votes this year's tournament champ is finally ready! 

I have missed one deadline after another on this one. Granted this past week we have made around 100 fezzes, gone to Disneyland, and attended a beautiful funeral service. (I did not wear this fez BTW). It was a very full week.

I had initially planned to release the Low Fez and Chapeau last week but then realised that I would need to completely rework the wings for a Tall Fez and rework that for the Patreon Exclusive Mini Fez. Each of which took an extra day or two for designs and testing. By then it was Friday and I decided I may as well get the badge sample made but it turned out I was going to have to rework the wings once again to better fit a badge. After another day of design and then testing, I finally had a sample late Sunday afternoon but I didn't have the energy to start photos and editing.

So now after lots of dreading all of the Mort Head pieces are available to order!

Mort Fezzes and Chapeau

The plan is to bring the fezzes and chapeau to Monsterpalozza next month so we've already started a production run of all three and they will be available throughout the rest of the year on the website.

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