2023 Fez Madness Tourney

2023 Fez Madness Tourney

Our 3rd annual Patreon-member design concept tournament has begun!
I don’t normally post much about our Patreon outside of the little blurb at the bottom of our newsletters, but this has been a really fun project over the last couple of years.

At the request of one of our members in 2020, we created a bracket tournament where the Fezorati tiers pitch short descriptions of possible embroidery designs. They then vote on all of the entries to pick the top 16 that are entered into a single-elimination tournament with all of the Patreon members voting in numerous polls until we find a winner. Along the way I turn the written descriptions into design sketches and the final champion gets turned into a fez embroidery and released on our website.

Previous Tournament Winners:

embroidered hat of an octopus mixing a cocktail embroidered hat of a falcon statue holding a mixed drink
 2021 Winner: Oct-tiki-pus 2022 Winner: Maltiki Falcon

This past month we began the pre-season process of collecting the pitch entries and culling the herd down to the top 16. This past weekend the bracket was filled out and as of Monday morning the first round of voting has begun.

a bracket tournament of design concepts

We have a lot of fun ideas in this year’s tourney and a few that will be challenging to turn into an embroidery design should they win. The top 16 polls are rolling out this week and voting will continue for the next few weeks as we work our way through the bracket and crown a winner. By the end of March I will be working on turning the winning concept into an embroidery. Depending on the winning design we may even have a special Patreon Exclusive variant like we did back in 2021.

If you would like to join in this year's tournament fun check out our Patreon page at: patreon.com/fezmonger

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