#136 & #137 The Rivermaid Fezzes

#136 & #137 The Rivermaid Fezzes

It's a double header Fez of the Week as we have two special designs available for one week only!

Around this time last year we had the opportunity to collaborate with our friend Darick Maasen on the Shrunken Head Tropic Lounge Rivermaid Tiki Mug Kickstarter. We ended up creating two special fez designs for the backers, a low-profile fez based on one of Darick's concepts and a tall fez I designed inspired by his concept for the mug. It was a really fun and rewarding project and the mugs turned out brilliantly.

It was our plan from the beginning to make a fez that only the backers could get and then later release a limited edition variant for those that missed out on the Kickstarter or simply wanted to add another fez to their collection. After much delay, that time is now.

#136 The Rivermaid Fez

Rivermaid2This Low-profile Navy blue fez features the Rivermaid logo embroidery based on Darick's original concept sketch. It's the perfect thing to wear while sipping an intoxicating rum drink, or while visiting your favorite pagan coffee chain.

Like the rest of our Fez of the Week designs, the Pre-Order will be open for a week, then production will begin, and the fezzes will be made. Please allow extra time for production before shipping.

Pre-order by November 22nd. Production will begin on the 23rd.

#137 The Rivermaid Pin-up Fez

RiverPinup2This Tall Navy Blue fez features a glamorous Rivermaid collecting the shrunken heads of her fallen suitors and surrounded by her fellow denizens of the muddy waterways. When Darick first pitched his idea for the Rivermaid fez we each started sketching ideas for the embroidery and I became obsessed with turning this concept into something. Ultimately we decided to offer two fez designs and let the people decide, so we're doing that again here.

The Rivermaid Pin-up Fez will also be available for Pre-order for one week only.

Pre-order by November 22nd. Production will begin on the 23rd.

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