#129 The Pink Elephant Fez

#129 The Pink Elephant Fez

Join the esteemed society of the celebrated and sauced!

The Tasseled Order of the Pink Elephant Fez features a slightly inebriated, pink pachyderm on our tall black velvet fez.

It is just the thing to signify that you take your imbibing seriously... and often, to great lengths.

My plan is to put this design into production for the coming con season but as those deadlines are looming rather largely, I decided to open this up as a Fez of the Week first so our internet friends could get a crack at them. Eventually these will be stocked for the website but that may have to wait until April.

So don your drinking trousers, put on your most absorbent waistcoat and top it all off with this jaunty fez. There's indulging to be done. TOPE!

As this is a Fez of the Week, pre-orders are open through March 13th. Production will begin March 14th.

Work has begun on a full production run. Look for the T.O.P.E. Fez to return in early April.

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