#121 The D12 Dragon ~ Gen Con Edition

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#121 The D12 Dragon ~ Gen Con Edition

D12DragonGen Con Indy is routinely our biggest show of the year. Rightfully called The Best Four Days of Gaming, the crowds are massive and some of the nicest people you will ever meet at a con. Last year we previewed the Flying D12 Chapeau prototypes and this brought up many discussions about the much maligned die and if it was still being used in any games. As part of those discussions I sketched up the concept for the D12 Dragon and this year we released a special edition as a Gen Con exclusive.

Only 40 fezzes were made, one for each year that Dungeons and Dragons has been around, the game that first introduced me to the under-loved D12. Each fez came with a special numbered edition pin and after the show we were left with only 2 size Small fezzes. Yes Gen Con attendees skew to the larger end of the cranium scale. So if you happen to sport a 22" circumference noggin and have a thing for old-school table top gaming then hit the link before it is too late!

D12 Dragon ~ GC Edition