Yes We Can...Fight Cancer!

It is the Fez of HOPE!
This week's fez has a bit of a back story: Last fall around the election, a very good friend of ours asked if I had considered doing an Obama Fez. Sadly, I hadn't... but I put some thought into it and I was sorta on the fence. While I do support the new administration, I just wasn't sure I wanted to profit off the work of some very talented graphic designers. I love the logo they created and unlike hoards of other people out there, I didn't want to make a fast buck on the popularity of Obama or the campaign. So I sort of walked away from the idea on principle.

Now as some of you may know, March is when we participate in the 24hr Cancer Dance-a-thon to raise money for the City of Hope and February is when we offer a fez to raise money for the charity. Well, this past weekend I was contacted by another friend -Steve- asking the same Obama Fez question and I responded with the story you see above.

Steve actually owns a few of my fezzes and was the first person to donate money for the 2008 Atomic for Life Fez.
He said that while he did pick up a few souvenirs at the event, what he really wanted was an Obama Fez. What's more, Steve was quick to put his money where his mouth was and donated $250 to our cause.

If you are interested in getting a Fez of Hope do what Steve did. Simply make a 100% tax deductible $250 donation to the 24hr Cancer Dance-a-thon in my name here. and include Fez of Hope in the comments.
I will respond to the email address supplied to get your size and shipping address.

Thank you Steve and with your help Yes We Can... Fight Cancer!

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