WonderCon Anaheim 2014

The 2014 Con Season is ramping up and thankfully our next show is in our own backyard.

We've restocked our designs and we're heading back out into the sunlight for another weekend of Comic-Con fun! As usual we will be bringing damn near our entire stock of fezzes as well as a few "small" surprises. If you are in the Southern California area or can get here in the next week, this is a great chance to see us in person without the dehumanizing filter of the internet getting in the way. I'll be in the booth sketching on boxes and fitting people for their tasseled head-wear. Come on by Booth 1409 and say hello! Try on a new Chapeau, get some fez bling or pick up a fez while avoiding those annoying shipping costs.
Check out this nifty floor map featuring us and a few of our fellow con-spirators!
WCA2014_floor It all goes down April 18-20th in Anaheim! See the rest of our 2014 schedule here  
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