So it turns out that the problem with being productive making fezzes is that I neglect all the other stuff... like blog posts.

We're about 50 embroideries into the 90 or so fezzes we plan to make for Tiki Oasis. That is -of course- not counting all of the sewing that needs to be done after the shells are embroidered. So we have our work cut out for us. We've already run one of the two new designs we'll have for sale -including a special run of 13 Special Edition Fezzes!- and we also re-stocking a few of our recent tiki themed styles as well.

I'll try to post more photos in the next few days... if I can remember to take photos in the next few days. As always, we'll have these available first to our fellow revelers at Tiki Oasis then whatever we have in stock will be posted to the website the following week.
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