We have a NEW Website!

welcomesliderSo you may have noticed a few changes on the old interwebs lately.

That's right, the new website I have been threatening you with for over a year is finally happening! We finally just decided to flip the switch and commit to the change. Two versions of the same website were just too much to deal with on a daily basis. So what does this mean for you? Well, you may have noticed that your log-in no longer works. We looked for ways to migrate all of the old accounts to the new database but since there was such a significant change to the shop, all we would have been able to migrate would be the email addresses. No passwords. No order histories. It just didn't seem like much of a solution. So we are asking that you set up a brand new account. I know this is a hassle but in the long run it is more secure and that is important to us. We might try to move some of the data over after the fact, but since we are starting fresh with this new site most of it will referencing missing product information. We're still setting up some of the information pages and there are a lot of photos that will need to be updated but things are starting to get into working order. Please be patient as we get used to the new system but rest assured we will making sure that any fezzes ordered will get to their destined noggins in the usual short order.

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