Tiki Oasis Preview 1 #tikio

[caption id="attachment_285" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Limited Edition of 25 - photo by Matt Cobleigh"] [/caption] This week brings our biggest event of the year: Tiki Oasis 10! Every year we try to bring something special and this year is no exception. As we count down the days until we hit the road I will be featuring each of our special edition fezzes. First up: The Skull & Club on 2 Tone Tapa. This limited edition run of 25 is the second batch of Skull & Clubs. This first was a limited run of 13 on green tapa but with the generous help our friends in Oakland we have scored some orange bark-cloth and now the Skull & Club makes its first appearance at Tiki Oasis. These will go on sale Saturday in the Vendor's Marketplace and I don't expect them to last very long.
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