Tiki Oasis Crunch


No, it's not a new breakfast cereal -despite how much I wish it were- it is actually what we at Fez-o-rama refer to the 90 days prior to Tiki Oasis as. If you are among the tens of people that read my weekly jibberish you may be thinking: "I wonder what Fez-o-rama is up to..." Well wonder no more! We're hard at work making new fezzes to debut at Tiki Oasis in August. Not only will we be bringing new tiki themed embroidery designs we will also have two special limited edition fezzes along with a host of other surprises that I will tease here and on Twitter over the next few weeks.
So watch this feed and if you can get to San Diego in August I strongly suggest you check us out at Tiki Oasis!

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