The Zeppelin Fez

Lord Sterling stood resolutely at the wheel as his airship began its sudden descent. His mustachioed face belied his mental state even as the hull exploded in a pyrotechnic display better fitting his actual thoughts. The captain knew this had been a devastating folly from the start, but he was honor bound and would not shirk the burden of leadership when faced with such an affront to his status. It was far better to die facing the risk of failure than to pass away avoiding it.

~The Last Flight of the Zenith Erroneous

zeppelin The Zeppelin Fez features the final moments of the famed airship Zenith Erroneous before it plummets to its demise. Rendered in 8 colors on our low-profile Mark VI fez. It is a great reminder that one achieves success by experiencing the risk of failure. 6 months ago we participated in a fundraiser for a fellow independent designer, Damsel in this Dress. As they were returning from a show they suffered a frightening car accident and their fans stepped up to do what they could to help by creating an auction to raise relief money. We donated our design services to create a one of a kind fez and after some heated bidding, the winner, Jon Grigalunas and I began talking about ideas. Luckily not only is Jon generous with his support but also with his patience. After bouncing many ideas around we eventually set our sights on a steam-punk airship experiencing catastrophic failure. This is the sort of design idea that I can really sink my teeth into. What’s more, not only did Jon make a generous donation, he also allowed us to offer his special design as a production fez. It took me far longer than I would have liked to get around to producing the final version as it always seemed I had something else that needed to get done. So we’re taking this last window before the sudden Holiday rush to release this fine production fez. The first batch is finished and ready to ship without delay.

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