The Tiki Oasis Fez

tikioasisfez To commemorate 10 years of tiki magic we are proud to announce what may be the greatest mash-up in designer tiki art headwear: The official Tiki Oasis fez! This rare, limited edition fez features fabric designed by world renowned illustrator and artist Shag exclusively for Tiki Oasis –the greatest tiki weekender on earth- and handcrafted into a swanky noggin topper by the upper primates at Fez-o-rama. It’s like Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein meet the Harlem Globetrotters! This run will be limited to 50 pieces and due to the nature of the printed fabric, no two will be exactly alike! Each of these high profile fezzes features an antique brass tassel grommet and imported brass tassel lock for easy tassel adjustment and the quilted black lining includes both the new four color Fez-o-rama and Shag Limited Edition labels. To accommodate the 6 separate sizes we offer we will be starting production with a pre-order, making each one as requested so please allow time for the actual making of these and we suggest you order quickly, I don’t know when the planets will align again and allow us to make another batch of fezzes like these!

$80 +shipping

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