The Tassel Tentacle?!?

Some days you just don't want your tassel swinging in the wind.

yellow-arm-cord We're always looking for ways to make your fez wearing experience even better and for those of you that spend your time slaving away over a drawing board or working with your hands may have noticed gravity's tendency to make you a bit more aware of your tassel that you would like. Now, we're the first to stand up for a tassel's right to spin freely, that's why we refused to stitch our tassels down, but we will also admit there are times when you want to keep a rambunctious tassel in its place. We are thrilled to present a new line of Fez Accessories to serve just that purpose!
It’s the Octopus Arm Tassel Leash!
Need to keep that tassel under control? Let this exquisitely crafted bronze arm gently caress your tassel cord into submission. Sculpted by our friend Janelle Badali of Badali Jewelry, this 1.25" long yellow bronze pin is custom made in small runs exclusively for us and features the classic tie tack style pin back for securing your tassel to the side or top of your fez... of course it doesn't have to be used for holding a tassel. The Octopus Arm pin would be right at home on a lapel holding a flower stem or on a tie to show your support for the Great Cthulhu's eventual return to power!  
Available now to tame your errant tassel!

yellow-armwhite-arm also available in white bronze for those times when you need a little less saturation.

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