The Project That Will Not Die!

Yes we are back at it again. Yet another update to the Fez-o-booth is on its way.
First off, let me apologize to anyone who was inundated with email updates about this. I decided to merge the old Fez-o-booth blog into this system and it has decided to play havoc with the email notification system that runs the newsletter. I think I kept the onslaught to a minimum but there is no way for me to know for sure. Moving on… Yes, as is sort of a tradition around here, I seem to spend the last few weeks of March reworking our award winning vending booth. This time around we are rebuilding the cabinets and countertops that make up the bulk of our booth. Actually, truth be told, the counters we have been using for the last three years are actually the mock-ups to prove the concept; so in reality we are now finally making version 1.0 of the cabinets. The originals were made of MDF which is easy to work but weighs a ton and isn’t the most ideal thing for a portable vending booth. So the new countertops will be updated to use one of my favorite material, scrap bamboo flooring. I’ve already made my kitchen counter out of this as well as a deco-styled karaoke stage floor. woodcutYesterday and today have been mostly spent getting the pieces of bamboo cut down to size. Since I had already created templates for the cabinets on the computer it was a simple process to update the patterns for the new design. I even cut plexi templates for the bamboo pieces to guide us in the process. You can see the templates and bamboo flooring in this picture as well as the Japanese flush cut saw that I bought on a whim. This turned out to be one of my better whims as the scrap boards we had did not allow for any cut waste. That saw is the most precise cutting tool I have ever used and it cost less than $10. I strongly recommend picking one up. I have been drooling over Japanese woodworking tools for quite some time but decided that I didn’t do enough woodworking to warrant buying a set. That has now changed. Next time I have the opportunity I will be picking up a pull saw to go with my flush cut. 2011-03-21 17.32.14
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