The New Newsletters!

Due to the popularity of our humble newsletter our last issue actually broke our server. Some of you may not have even received the newsletter last week. After numerous attempts to find a solution to the problem we finally decided it would be best to simply rebuild.

We have now shifted our newsletter over to the Fez-o-blog where we can better manage the mailings and you will be able to have more control over what topics you would like to receive. We assure you we have no intention of filling your mailbox with updates. We have set all accounts to receive only the default Newsletter topic. However if you would like to receive notice of when other topics such as the fez of the Week gets posted, use the special link at the bottom of the email to adjust your settings.

If you have accidentally received this email twice, or if you have accidentally received this email after unsubscribing from our old system, please forgive us. We are still working out the kinks and apologize for any inconvenience. Using the unsubscribe link will remove your address from the list.


Now for the fun stuff!

Fez Fridays

While every Friday is Fez Friday, we're doing a special Fez Friday give-away for February. You can learn more about how you can be entered to win a free fez on the Fez-o-blog here.

Fezzes Down Under

As part of the Fezbruary Fun our friends Down Under are having a Fezbruary Fez Up at the Melbourne Tiki Bar. If you are in Melbourne this is your chance to meet up with other Fezthusiasts. Head on over to their blog to learn more.

The Shamrock Monkey is back!

Finally, by popular demand, we bring you the return of the Shamrock Monkey. Its the Coconut Monkey's Irish cousin, just in time for St Patrick's Day. Be sure to get this seasonal design quick. Next month he goes back in the basement.

That should cover it for now. Remember you can follow me on Twitter @Fezmonger or join us on Facebook at

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