The Move Continues

Our long slow move back to our old place is progressing... well, slowly. I feel remiss in not having something of value to post regarding fezzes. My mind has been so focused on the move that I have had little time to consider the blog. I have been working on new designs when I have the time so once we are situated I will be able to get back to the core theme of this blog.

On a side note, I have been working on setting up a new website to share our enthusiasm about fezzes with others. The bare-bones site is almost ready to roll. If you are curious and would like to be invited to see it now, drop me a line.

Finally, if you are headed to the Tiki Bar TV party this Saturday look for us. We'll be wearing fezzes and I should be easy to spot... I'm a designated driver so I'll be the sober guy.
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