The Elder Sign on Tweed

Protect yourself from the Deep Ones... in style!

elder-signLast year's Limited Edition experiment leads to our first full run of fezzes on tweed featuring the symbol of protection first drawn by Lovecraft himself. Not only is this a special design for the Lovecraft scholars out there but it is also our first run with a new fabric style. This gentleman's fez is made with a fine wool herringbone that simply screams intellectual... well as much as anything screams intellectual, but if you know any screaming intellectuals - this is the sort of fez they should be wearing... and really what is Lovecraft without insane, screaming, intellectuals. Since this is the first full production fez we have done with tweed I do want to point out that you might find the fit differs a bit from the velvet styles. Simply put, the tweed isn’t as thick as the velvet so you may find the fit to be a bit looser. For most people there will be no noticeable difference, however if you are one of the few that finds you can fit right between two sizes you might want to go with the smaller one. The good news is there is a simple hack that you can perform to adjust the size of this fez. Simply open the short vertical seam in the headband and thread a ribbon into it to create a drawstring. There is only a .5” difference in sizes so the adjustments won’t need to be very much. The Elder Sign Fez is available now in most sizes and we are taking back-orders for production later this week.
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