The DIY Fez Stand

DSC02224.ARWFor some time now I have been on the lookout for some good fez storage options and while I have come up with a few for myself, I haven’t found much that is affordable and easily replicated. Last Summer Ikea had a great option that we have put to good use around the studio and at our booth, but that was a seasonal item and I don’t know if it will return this year. Well, I mean to remedy this lack of fez stand options and while I am looking into making simple fez stands to sell I wanted to start with something anyone could make on their own; something that would be easily customized and versatile. The parts also needed to be relatively easy to source so off to the Interwebs I went. In fact most everything you need can be found on Amazon. Now, the cost can vary depending on options and of course shipping costs but but for most situations the total should come in around $20, give or take. The only thing not easily found on Amazon is the bit of plywood I used to make the 5” disk for the top. So here are the bits:

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Product Image


$1.99 $3.95 $6.88
On-Stage Stands Mic Screw Adapterby OnStage On Stage Microphone Table Mount, Blackby On-Stage Stands On Stage TM03 Table Microphone Clampby On Stage

Converts a 3/8 16 bolt to the standard mic mount of 5/8 27. This would obviously be the cheapest way to go assuming you have the 3/8” bolt to mount to.

A flush mount flange with the standard mic thread. Mine came with black screws for mounting. If you go with this option you will need to make a base of some sort to mount to.

My first choice and possibly the most versatile, this can be quickly clamped to a table or shelf and actually features a 3/8 bolt with the aforementioned adapter included.

Product Image Product Image Product Image
$1.99 $3.29 $4.39
Musician's Gear Gooseneck Black 6 Inchby Musician's Gear Musician's Gear Gooseneck Black 13 Inchby Musician's Gear Musician's Gear Gooseneck Black 19 Inchby Musician's Gear
This 6” neck is a good option for a compact stand but doesn’t really allow for bending. At 13” this neck hits the sweet spot of versatility. Straight it makes for a dramatic mount with clearance for hanging spare tassels and can even be wall-mounted and bent for a sconce style mount. It has 6 more inches than 13!
Top mount

Product Image

Atlas Sound AD-11BE Surface Mount Female Mic Flangeby Atlas Sound
This is where it gets a bit limited. While there are options for couplers and adapters for the male end of the gooseneck this is the most elegant solution for the price/time/effort
DSC02219 So you can see all the bits here. On top left is the table clamp, in the middle you can see the 19” and 13” goosenecks as well as the flange mounts. You can also see the laser cut plywood disks I made to mount to the top to support the fez. I included the grooves and holes to hang extra tassels from the stand while still working as a fez stand. The small piece on the lower right is a support for the disk which is actually just used to make the mount thick enough so the screws I had didn’t poke through the top. In the background you can see a pair clamped together for gluing.   DSC02223.ARWHere is an assembled stand –after a quick coat of spray paint- with a full compliment of tassels in place and clamped to my work table. Obviously the tassel hanging is just an optional thing. One could also spend a bit of time putting a nice finish on the plywood instead of a rush paint job but I wanted to get this posted as soon as I could. I’ve been looking for a good pre-cut base for the flange mounts but Home Depot came up short. I will probably hand make some but currently I am really digging the clamps. I also plan to make a wall mount for my fezzes by putting a bend in the 13” necks. I’m also tempted to glue a big magnet into one so I could slap a fez stand on the side of my metal cabinet… or refrigerator. If any of you decide to make one of these fez stands -or even one of your own design- please send photos! I would love to see what you do with this.DSC02228.ARW
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