The D20-13 Limited Edition Redux

D20-13-tallWe did a 2013 variation on our D20 design as a Fez of the Week right before the New Year and that went so quickly we thought we would roll up another Limited Edition fez. This time we went with the standard colors of our initial D20 fez but set to that number that makes the Triskaidekaphobics quake in their boots. This variation is limited to only 20 fezzes! See what we did there? Once these are gone we will be moving on to something else so don’t dawdle. Already own a D20 fez? Then this is a perfect addition to your fez collection. Get one to wear for those days where you are only feeling 65%.
The D20-13 Limited Edition Fez: Sure it may not be as glamorous as rolling a critical hit but hey, it’s better than average!
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