The D12 Fez WC Edition

D12WCThis past weekend was WonderCon and aside from taking nearly 3 days to recover from it was also the venue for the debut of our latest Limited Edition fez. This special fez features that most notorious dodecahedron of fate rendered in an array of regal purples on a deep purple velvet applique with the namesake number emblazoned in gold. This rare fez will be limited to a numbered edition of only 20 fezzes. Get it? 20 12’s? See what we did there? That’s twelve sides of glory on one single fez! Ok, admittedly it is only like three sides of glory, maybe six sides of meh and the rest probably result in having your favorite character’s vital organs move three feet South of healthy. Each of these fezzes come with a special numbered pin of authenticity so you know you belong to a select group of gaming nerds… with matching hats. If you are interested in this fine symbol of random fate act quickly, don’t roll for initiative, just head over to the site. 20 fezzes spread across 7 sizes won’t last very long.


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