The Altimeter 2 Fez

Altimeter2Originally created as a special Limited Edition fez for our debut at the Denver Comic Con in 2012, we’ve brought the Altimeter back for a production run for those of you that couldn’t get to the Mile High City. Now after a bit of a delay we have salvaged the dial and have done a run on our charcoal grey velvet however this time we decided to try some new thread. So not only does this fez mark the distance above sea level at approximately 1 mile, it does so in the dark as well. That's right the dial on the altimeter glows in the dark. Now it truly is a fez with altitude. The Altimeter Fez features a WW2 era based altimeter embroidery set to the altitude of 5200 feet... and did we mention the dial glows? Altimeter2_1 It's the perfect fez for vintage pilots, gauge junkies and blue sky dreamers. Get yours here
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