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Well you demanded it so here you go! A very small batch of the Fez of the Week #33 have been made and are now available on the Fez-o-rama website. Act quickly as these will likely move fast and I don't know when or if we might be making any more. These are some of the first fezzes featuring our new fez design so please double check your head measurement before ordering. there may be a change from one of our older fezzes. While we're on the subject of available fezzes, the Sons of the Desert fezzes are now shipping. So if...

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I'm testing out my mobile posting system. If this were a real post you would see pictures or something else that might be mistaken as interesting.

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Of all the numerous requests and suggestions we have had for new designs the single most popular one -by a long shot- is for a Sons of the Desert fez. In fact the first request for one may even predate our website and since then we have gotten a multitude of inquiries over the years. After many delays we are quite excited to finally have something to show! read more about this special fez and my perplexing creative process after the break The Sons of the Desert was a Hal Roach feature from 1933 starring the great film duo Laurel...

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