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In 1962 some misguided Ad Exec decided to create a symbol to represent what many people were conveying through a combination of symbols. What he created was a hybrid of an exclamation point and a question mark. He called it the Interrobang. The name is brilliant... the symbol less so. What was meant to represent an alarming confusion -or a confused alarm- became a visual argument against allowing punctuation to mate. It lacked the not-so-subtle nuances of shameless exclamation point abuse... something we really enjoy around here. So we now present the !?! fez. The perfect cap to go with...

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This week's fez raises a few questions, like...Why did it take so long to post this week's fez?Our second fez in the punctuation series! Again we experimented with dimensional embroidery, this time we have a wavy texture quilted into the question mark.It's the perfect fez to wear to your next lecture, trivia contest... or first date. It's like making eye contact but without the effort. SOLD

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Fez of the Week, low, punctuation, red, Sold, swirl -

This is one of those things that we just needed to get off our chests. I will eventually do a whole series of punctuation... 'cause it makes me smile. This is also an experiment with raised embroidery. The exclamation point has a quilted look to it, something I plan to do more with in the future. If you happen to wear a size medium then you could be one step closer to that under appreciated superhero costume you've been working on. SOLD

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