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It has been a very busy time for us in the old Fez-o-factory lately. On top of fulfilling private orders and working on our new Fez-o-booth we’ve managed to launch a few new designs and have quite a few more in the works. April is going to be a fun month for fez collectors. First up the Mignola Fez! Next we have the Monkey Brains Fez! That’s right, the design made exclusively for Mike Mignola is now available in a limited edition of 50. These Low Profile Mark VI fezzes feature Mignola’s trademark floating skull on the front and his...

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I wanted to do something a bit special for the big “five oh” fez and I’m happy to report that is exactly what we have here. I am thrilled to present the Mignola Fez, a design done with the specific purpose of capping the pate of Mike Mignola, the genius that created Hellboy, BPRD and my personal favorite: The Amazing Screw On Head. Do yourself a favor and watch the animated pilot below. As you might have noticed in my previous designs, I have an affinity towards skull. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed drawing skulls, both cartoonish...

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