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blue pebble, Fez of the Week, medium, Sold, tall -

Fez-o-rama welcomes our Robot Overlords! Well, Robot Overlord Prototype anyway... in a size medium. This week I bring you a design that has been trapped in my sketchbook for some time. I think I even had the very rare blue pebbled velvet cut and set aside on the shelf for nearly a year. Life is always getting in the way of our plans.Of course all of this will change when the robots take over and you don't want to start out on their bad side now. Do ya? Show your support for the new - and entirely efficient - regime...

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black, Fez of the Week, medium, primate, Sold, tall -

This week we present the first Fez of the Week "designed" by Joe! It's a variant on our Gorilla Fez featuring a dapper black on black color way. The perfect Gorilla Variant to wear to you next Black Tie event or assassination assignment in Feudal Japan. This one is a size: medium Tall fez in black wavy velvet.Act with lightning reflexes... we only got the one. SOLD

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2X, available, floral, ladies, large, medium, Production, X-Large -

While not technically a Fez of the Week as we actually made 13 of them I would have presented it as one if I had the time prior to Tiki Oasis. This was actually designed, engineered and sewn in the 5 days leading up to the event. Now is your chance to grab one before they are all gone! Only XL and 2X available if you act quickly. $45+s/h

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black, Fez of the Week, low, medium, Sold -

It's the modern minimalist's thinking cap!This is one of those that I just had to do eventually. The universal symbol for "power on" is proudly displayed on this low profile fez. Put this little number on when you are ready to get down to work and get things done! We considered trying to make this light up but figured the temptation to poke people in the forehead was bad enough. SOLD

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