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The Fezmonger gave to me Nine Burning Hearts Eight Tiki Sun Gods Seven Swank Afriti Six Monkey Skulls Five Soviet Deluxe! Four Blue Atomics Three Voodoo Zombies Two Grouchy Gorillas and A fez with a Lono Tiki It’s a 20% off Fezmas Miracle sale!

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As you may have noticed from the last post we have created the new C-14 Fez to coincide with the Indygear Member Summit at the Queen Mary the 1st weekend of November. Well, as part of their weekend of festivities they have invited us to come down for their Fort MacArthur Day in San Pedro to vend our wares on November 7th as they tour the historic grounds. What is really cool is the base is open to the public and anyone is welcome to come on down and support this historic place. We will be there from around noon...

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We have a new fez and this time we're doing something a little bit different. The C-14 fez is a collaboration in honor of the IndyGear member summit this year aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach California, and we're proud to be able to present it to you as well. We are just starting production on these and plan to do a limited run for the website. To ensure that you get one of these before your size sells out we are opening up a pre-order opportunity.These are currently in a PRE-ORDER state, and will be made and shipped...

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