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Just in time for St Patrick's Day! We are proud to announce the next round in our growing tradition of primate themed fezzes: The Shamrock Monkey! This rare emerald green fez features the not so distant "Irish" cousin of our Coconut Monkey doing what he does best... being hammered. So celebrate your Irish-American heritage (or your relative vicinity to an Irish American) with this stylish cap. Nothing says "Raise your pint and lower your expectations!" like a Holiday fez with an inebriated monkey embroidered on the front.You can thank 'Meat' from 105.9 The BUZZ in Sarasota Florida, for this inspired fez. He needed something special for...

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This week we've got something special just in time for last minute Christmas shopping! We are often asked if we do seasonal designs and our typical answer is we just don't plan far enough in advance to get around to that sort of thing. This year once again we were asked and I finally decided that something needed to be done. On Monday I cracked open my sketchbook and now we bring you the Krampus Fez! You see, back in the day Santa wasn't a one man operation. Long before he was co-opted by soft drink concerns and started running...

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