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Week one of our Fez *sigh*..ruary Fez Friday Foto challenge has come and gone but fear not there is another chance to enter coming this week! Remember that there are two prizes being handed out this month, one from the random drawing and another for the best photo! read this post for more info and don't forget your fez! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"] Keep an eye on the blog this week as we will be bringing back the Fez of the Week specials, bringing back a few of the popular designs from the past and introducing a new seasonal...

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Rules? Yeah we got those… Well, it wouldn’t be much of a contest without a bunch of convoluted rules, so here goes: Photos must feature you wearing one of your Fez-o-rama fezzes. Not your fez on a shelf,  pet or lawn gnome. (those challenges comes later) Photos must be taken and posted on Friday where ever you happen to be. If you are taking photos with a camera and posting them to Flickr I suggest you check your clock settings… otherwise how the hell am I supposed to know? Group photos will only count for the one posting the image....

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Twitter.com/fezmonger  For a special Fez Friday bonus the good people at TechtalkRadio have posted a little interview I did about my adventures in silly hats. http://blog.techtalkradio.com/?p=761

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[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"] A quick photo re-cap of Fez Friday Oct 8th. Once again we had a number of Fezthusiasts post photos on Twitter of themselves and their fez of distinction. Now we aren’t limiting this to only Twitter users, you can also post photos to the Fez-o-rama Page on Facebook or simply email us with the image if you prefer. If you are on Twitter and want to join in on the fun just post your photo with the tag #fezfriday or send it to me @Fezmonger. Coming up soon: We plan to have our first Fez Friday Foto...

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