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Way back in December we introduced version 4 of our classic Skull & Bones design. In an effort to bring a little color to our shelves we released the Ruby Red version first but that doesn’t mean we weren't thinking of our chromatically challenged friends out there. After a bit of delay we are thrilled to present version 4 of our Skull & Bones on Black! This is sort of fez that becomes a staple in a well rounded wardrobe. It is just the thing to wear to a hack-a-thon, drinking contest or casino night in international waters. This low...

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By combining two of our most popular themes we now give you the Monkey Skull Fez! This is clearly what happened when the Drunken Monkey didn't know when to call it a night.But don't let that stop you! Wear this fez in pride as it is a reminder to all around that you only have so much time in life to wear fezzes and fling poo... so get this fez and get to it!SOLD

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