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The Robots have arrived! The first batch of Robot Overlords are done and ready to ship. We did 25 of these in our limited edition blue pebbled fabric. $60+s/h This is likely the last batch of new production fezzes I will be able to do before the Holidays come crashing down on me. So if you were planning to pick one up as a present, here is your chance. Next I will be focusing on making the second batch of Clockwork fezzes for the people that signed up on the waiting list. At least that is the plan as soon...

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Fez-o-rama welcomes our Robot Overlords! Well, Robot Overlord Prototype anyway... in a size medium. This week I bring you a design that has been trapped in my sketchbook for some time. I think I even had the very rare blue pebbled velvet cut and set aside on the shelf for nearly a year. Life is always getting in the way of our plans.Of course all of this will change when the robots take over and you don't want to start out on their bad side now. Do ya? Show your support for the new - and entirely efficient - regime...

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