Sweat Shop Update

The Fez-o-rama sweat shop is in full swing! By full swing I of course mean that Joe and I are toiling away in the attic... hence the "sweat" part of the equation. We do have a sizable fan and as long as we don't want to carry on a conversation above the noise, we're actually rather comfortable. The weather has been really mild lately and I for one appreciate it.

Our plan was to make about 90 fezzes and amazingly we have only two left to embroider! The bulk of the fezzes are in some form of assembly at this point. The first dozen are on to the hand finishing stage. With any luck I will be able to get these done by the first week in August. If I can coax any of my friends to help sew I may even finish them this month!

Then I we need to move on to getting the booth ready for the show... there is never enough time.
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