September Newsletter

The next month will involve a lot of travel and behind the scenes work but I hope to keep rolling out new designs and lots of cools stuff but in the meantime let’s take a look at what we have been up to this month.  

HP Lovecraft Film Festival

This past weekend we attended the HP Lovecraft Film Fest in San Pedro Ca. It was a weekend celebrating the incredible influence HP Lovecraft and his contemporaries had on modern film makers. While I didn’t get much opportunity to leave the Fez-o-booth I did manage to get away long enough to see the outstanding work of the HPLHS production of The Whisperer in the Darkness.


The Cthulhu Silver Screen Edition

To commemorate our first time taking part in the HPL Fest we created this special Limited Edition variant of our very popular Cthulhu Fez design. This Silver Screen edition features the classic Great God rendered in monochromatic grey threads. This design is limited to 25 fezzes and the first batch is already going quickly. We have 6 more to make so if your size is not available let us know.


elder-godThe Mystic Order of Elder Gods Fez

The Great Cthulhu is simply too big to be limited to only one design! So for this new take on old octopus head I wanted to create something a bit more fraternal looking. Here a far more literal interpretation of the big guy appears in front of a quilted velvet shield on high profile black Mark VI fez.

clockwork_leatherThe Clockwork on Faux Leather

This new variation on our classic Clockwork design made its surprise debut at the HPL Fest. Unfortunately we currently have a very limited amount of this unique fabric so by its very nature this is a limited edition design for the time being. We only have enough to make a few dozen fezzes so if this one tickles your fancy be sure to act quickly to get your size. We do hope to track down more of this fabric in the future but we have no idea when that might happen.      
This Fall:

Comikaze Expo Nov 5th & 6th

We’ll be dragging out the Fez-o-booth to vend at this exciting event in Downtown Los Angeles and we are planning to bring a huge selection of our fezzes along as a few new items and the requisite surprises and fezzy fun!
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