September Fez Friday Challenge

It’s September 1st and time for another of our Fez Friday Foto Challenges. Since it’s the end of the Summer I thought we might make up for it by having two challenges.

Challenge 1: Fez Fridays

First up will will have our traditional Fez Friday Foto drawing so let’s review the rules:
  1. Photos must feature you wearing one of your Fez-o-rama fezzes. Not your fez on a shelf,  pet or lawn gnome. (those challenges comes later)
  2. Photos must be taken and posted on Friday where ever you happen to be.
  3. While group photos are cool they will only count for the one posting the image. So if each person wants to enter they will need to take their own unique photo.
  4. While you are welcome to post as many photos you like, you will only be given 1 entry per week in the drawing for the given month.
  5. Photos posted to Twitter must have the #FezFriday hashtag (@fezmonger doesn’t hurt either so I can find them) or you can post them to our brand new Posterous page by simply emailing the photo to The subject becomes the title and any body text will be posted with the photo. Just be sure to include something in the description for me to find such as “Fez Friday”. (FB doesn't want us doing this on their service)
  6. The winner will be randomly chosen after the last Friday in September.
  7. The winner will get one of our classic Mark VI fezzes but we do ask that you cover the cost of your choice of shipping. (If you plan to order a new fez in the future, we can always pack it along then.)

Challenge 2: Fezzes in Exotic Places

For our bonus challenge I figured we would do something a bit more artistic. Since this is our last chance to get out of town before Fall descends on us and the kids are forced back into their learning boxes, I figured now is a good time to take some last minute vacation shots. So what we are looking for are the best vacation style photos featuring you in your fez. If you can’t actually get out of town this month, that’s ok, just fake it! Go to whatever passes for a tourist location in your home town, dress like tourists (with fezzes of course) and take some snap shots. At the end of the month we will go through all of the submissions and pick the best one. Judging will be based on subject matter, photo quality and of course the use of the fezzes. Now since the photo quality will be an issue for this challenge, we will be requiring that all submissions be posted to the Fez Friday blog at Feel free to also post the image to Twitter or whatever but we will be only judging the ones on the blog. To recap:
  1. Vacation style photos
  2. wearing fezzes
  3. email photos to
    1. the Subject line is the Title
    2. Attach photo
    3. include your description text in the body of the email and be sure to include your Twitter handle if you have one
  4. You have until the end of September to post your photos!
  5. The selected photo will win one of our classic Mark VI fezzes and bragging rights for the month of October!
So when you go to that Labor Day BBQ this weekend don’t forget your fez!
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